We Work Hard & Aim to Please

"Angela is fantastic to work with! She is detailed, organized and meets deadlines. Angela looks for the best solution to meet both the customers needs, as well as the company's needs. She is always willing to jump into a situation and bring it to resolution quickly even if it is not her area of expertise; she will quickly get up to speed and find possible solutions."
A. Joyce
Mortgage Financing
" I have had the pleasure of working with Angela for over five years. In that time, I have found her to be extremely detail oriented, enthusiastic, and will to do whatever is needed to get the job done. I value having her as a resource on many different topics."
A. Simons
"Angela is by far the most optimistic, genuine and responsive person I have had the pleasure to work beside. She takes the initiative to find answers and solve challenges to complete projects on schedule. My only regret is not working with her on more projects!"
R. Aiken
"Angela was a pleasure to work with. She is level headed and sharp. She is very good at assessing a situation, determining a plan and executing that plan."
T. Graff
“I’ve known Mark and Angela for over 4 years, and one thing that I really admire about them is their attention to detail and their ability to combine traditional and modern styles to present something unique to every home that they remodel. You can count on them to be professional and handle your project as if it were their own home. I am so glad that I’ve had the chance to get to know them and work with them on their numerous adventures in real estate, and I look forward to their many years of success to come!”
Jesse Jones
Realtor, Sun Realty USA
"It has been my pleasure to know Mark and Angela Stilley for over 25 years. We have had both a professional and personal relationship. They are an awesome couple. You can always count on them to do what they say they will. They consistently set both personal and professional goals, they are relentless until the goal is achieved or exceeded. They are a compassionate and trustworthy couple that I have even entrusted the care of my children to. Mark and Angela are two people that I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with over the last 25 years. They have given me great professional advice and proven to be even better friends."
Samantha L.
“I have worked alongside Mark and Angela for 4 years on their mortgage and banking needs and one thing that has always impressed me is their positive enthusiastic attitude . I would recommend working with Mark and Angela if you get the chance.”
- C. Mathis
Mortgage Loan Officer
"Angela Stilley was such a breath of fresh air and such a joy to work with. She made my job and my role easy and effortless. She was extremely efficient, polite, casual yet professional! I couldn't possibly rate the experience any higher! Thank you, can’t wait to work with you again!"
Melissa Ruvalcaba
Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc.
“I have known Mark and Angela for well over a year now. The one thing I really admire about them is their commitment to integrity and making sure things are done the right way. As a Realtor, I see many properties. Mark and Angela strive to make the best, without sacrificing quality or cutting corners. When it comes to getting the job done right, you know its important to work with the right people. Mark and Angela are just that. It has been a pleasure to get to know Mark and Angela on both a personal, and professional level. I would recommend working with them if you get the opportunity to do so.”
Randy Baxter
Realtor, Keller Williams Success Realty
“I purchased one of their homes in the Cove. And I love it. They made a really nice home and kept it affordable. I love my home.”
S. Newsom